What Past Clients Have Said

Kelly & Andrew

I initially found her and my Charlesgate rental property through Craigslist, called her, got an incredibly detailed and helpful description of the place (I lived in Dallas at the time), put in an application, and had the application accepted within 12 hours.  She happily showed the property to my parents a few weeks later when they were visiting Boston.  

I moved a few weeks after that and all was great with my apartment.  But then a tragedy struck, the building I lived in caught fire (Mass ave on February 1, 2014).  I called Meredith that night (probably at 11 or even midnight, I was so frazzled...) and she happily answered despite how late it was and was searching for a new rental for us that night.  

She was so dedicated to finding us a new property within our very specific price range in Back Bay or Beacon Hill and that would take our THREE dog that we were able to sign a new lease within 5 days of the fire.  However, through no fault of Meredith's, that lease fell through and we decided to buy a place instead.  

She worked as our buyer's agent and quickly found us numerous places and gave us honest advice about how to weigh the pros and cons of each place, which was such priceless advice given that we were first time home buyers in a city that we had only lived in for 2 months.  With Meredith's help, we ultimately found an incredible condo that we could live in with our 3 (huge) dogs.  

My fiancé and I couldn't be happier with her and Charlesgate and we certainly won't be working with any other realtor during our tenure in Boston.

Having moved sixteen times in our married lives, we are no strangers to the benefit of working with a good realtor, especially in this day and age when there is so much information online that you may think you know all you need to about a property. What a good realtor can do is not so much bring a particular house to your attention, although this is helpful as well, but give you the nuanced information you can get only from someone with a deep understanding of the area.

Meredith Kiep is one such realtor! We worked with her on our recent move from the ‘burbs into Boston, finding her exceptional knowledge of the city and its various neighborhoods a great benefit as we determined which areas best met the lifestyle we wanted. Meredith would meet with us for showing after showing, always with high energy and enthusiasm that we were on the right path and with each house we did not select, we learned more about what we were looking for in a property, street or neighborhood. She has the right balance of being informative but not pushy, knowing when to advise and when we needed space to think. Meredith was (and still is) readily available to answer questions, research an issue, or provide feedback.

We cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are planning a move to or within Boston, call Meredith now!

Samantha S.

I was moving to Boston from the midwest and flew in for a weekend - my timeline was tight, as I was only in town for a few days. Meredith was on top of the listings and made sure that I was always one of the first to see apartments within my budget that were located in the neighborhood I wanted to live.

Meredith quickly intuited the kinds of things I was looking for in an apartment before I even realized what I wanted! Most importantly, she was patient, dedicated, and caring throughout the entire process. She was with me from figuring out exactly where and what I was looking for to the move-in day.

Meredith was happy to put in as much time and effort necessary, and she made finding an apartment as stress-free as possible. I happily refer Meredith to any friends looking for a place and look forward to working with her again!

Julie & DJ

Julie and I worked with Meredith Kiep throughout April to find our new apartment, and just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what fantastic job she did!

She was very considerate, very responsive, and made sure we were seeing the apartments that we wanted. We felt very much that she was on our team. Meredith was willing to go the extra mile (sometimes literally) to investigate more apartments.

We would gladly work with her again and are happily referring our friends to her if they are in a need of a broker.

Jesse H.

Meredith was a complete pleasure to work with from the first time we talked until I was settled into my new place. She was friendly, responsive and helpful throughout the process, and continued to be so well after her job was done.

I am impressed with how she goes above and beyond to appease the difficult and often stressful moments in a move. I spoke with a number of brokers when moving to Boston and after my experience with Meredith if I plan on moving again she will be my only call.



Camilla S.

I could not have asked for a friendlier or more dedicated real estate agent than Meredith. Moving to Boston, I was a bit overwhelmed by the price range and trying to find the neighborhood that best fit my lifestyle. She was patient with me and helped talk me through the different positives and negatives of various options.

After helping me find the condo I wanted to buy, she walked me through the entire process and had flowers to hand me at closing! I really appreciated her friendly attitude and professional nature!"