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3 Steps Every Home Buyer Should Take!

For many first time home buyers, the home buying process can seem overwhelming and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! I work with many first time buyers each year to make sure the purchase goes smoothly. To ease into the process, I suggest taking these 3 steps to feel more comfortable with the process and knowledgeable about the market:

View Properties:

Whether you are planning to buy tomorrow or a year from now, getting acquainted with the market is an important step so you understand the market when the time comes to buy. One way to do this is by looking at properties online websites such as Warrere.com, Zillow.com & Trulia.com*. These are great sites to compare and contrast what you are getting for your money in different areas. It may also help you sort out different amenities you MUST HAVE or things that would be nice but you could live without.

*Be aware that sites like Zillow and Trulia aren’t always the most up to date and may have inaccurate information. However, as an overview of the market in general, it is a great starting point.

Keep up with Market Statistics:

Another great way to keep your eye on and to get acquainted with the real estate market is to stay up to date with the market stats. This includes:

  • Median prices and trends

  • Number of homes sold

  • Sold prices vs asking

  • Inventory levels – how many homes are on the market

  • Number of new listings on market for the month

  • Month to month and year over year comparisons for all data

Keeping up with the market stats can be helpful when you are trying to pinpoint where to live. It is a great way to compare and contrast what you’re getting for your money in different areas. Especially in a market like Bostons, where the price per square foot can drastically change zip code to zip code.

Want the most updated market stats sent to you? Send me an email with the areas you want and I will send you a report each month!

Consult with a Buyer’s Agent:

Lastly, meet with a buyer’s agent to discuss your personal real estate goals. A buyer’s agent can go through the step by step process of how buying a home works and hopefully make the process seem less overwhelming. Buying a home is likely going to be one of the fiscally most important decisions you are going to make in your life. Thus you want to have all the help and expertise you can so you feel comfortable about your decision. A buyer’s agent is there to help YOU! The more informed you are, the easier the process will feel.

 If you’re interested in finding out more information of how the home buying process works. Set up a free consultation with me today!