Charlesgate's 9th Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive

Charlie wants to remind everyone that Charlesgate Realty Group is drop off location for the annual Toys for Tots toy drive! From it's inception Toys for Tots has provided a means of happiness for children who otherwise have nothing. 

Where to drop off:

Charlesgate Realty Group

867 Boylston Street Third Floor

Boston, MA 02116

Charlesgate will also be matching every toy that is dropped off with another toy from Charlesgate Realty. This doubles your donation and helps even more children in need! 

Charlie Makes Breakfast

Morning everyone! I hope you're having a great week! My human is still sleeping so I decided I would surprise her and make her breakfast this morning. I've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so want to make sure Meredith kicks her day and weekend off on the right start. Of course I started with my favorite food group.. CANDY! Does anyone know what goes well with M&M's?!

Interested in buying, selling or renting a home with Charlie & Meredith? Contact us today!

Charlie Visits Cincinnati

Meredith and I have had a very busy week! Along with finishing up making toys for all my friends for Christmas I went my first flight and made it all the way to Cincinnati! I even got to try the famous Skyline Chili! Now I know why people talk about it so much even if they aren't from Cincinnati. I also now know what cheese is and it is DELICIOUS!! I think it's my new favorite food next to sugar of course.

I can''t believe it's already Christmas Eve and Santa comes TONIGHT!!!! Only have to stay out of trouble a few more hours <|:) Just kidding I know Santa is already working on his list for next year. I need to go finished wrapping presents but I'll talk to everyone soon!

Charlie Discovers Sugar

Today Meredith and I are making Christmas cookies to share with everyone at the office at Charlesgate! I didn't realize how many ingredients and steps went into making cookies! I also realized how much I love sugar! And cookies have lots of sugar so I have a feeling I'm going to like those too. Meredith said she isn't exactly a baker so will be sticking to her day job but I can't imagine anything could taste icky that has sprinkles on it. Looks like it's time to decorate so I've got to scram!

Charlie Goes on a Showing..

Today I got to go on an actual appointment with Meredith! I typically have to stay in the car as I can be a little mischievous sometimes. I promised her I would be on my best behavior and she said we could go ice skating if i was good!!!


The apartment Meredith was showing was HUGE! There were hardwood floors which are perfect for sliding in socks on.. one of my favorite things to do. It also had a a walk in closet that could fit lots and lots of presents! I can't imagine what else people would look for in a place to live. If I could pay in hugs I would rent it myself! Looks like we have to run to the next appointment! Talk to everyone soon! <|:)

Want more details on the apartment we showed today? View in the link HERE!


Where is Charlie?

This morning Meredith and I stopped by Acorn Street on our way to the office. This is the most photographed street in the United States! As you can see in my picture the narrow street is paved with  cobblestone and lined with gas lamps. 


Acorn Street located just steps away from Louisburg Square which is considered by many the most prestigious address in Beacon Hill. I wanted to try and say 'hi' to John Kerry but Meredith said I should probably stay away from the secret service dogs. 

It's starting to feel more like the North Pole here! I wonder if we are going to see some snow soon?? Thank goodness I have my new vest my friend Bunny sent me to keep me warm! <|:)

Charlie goes to Regina Pizzeria

Last night Meredith took me to the original Regina Pizzeria in North End! Not only was the pizza AMAZING but the waitress took me behind the scenes to see how the pizza was made. I was also a bit chilly so she let me warm up by the brick oven!

Afterwards we took a walk to Faneuil Hall to watch the light show BLINK! I would highly recommend to everyone to check it out! It's a great free way to kick off the holiday season! 

Charlie Discovers Christmas Lights..

Last night Meredith and I went to the Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Boston Common! It was so exciting to see all the people, lights and decorations! AND guess who was there.... SANTA! There were so many people we didn't get a chance to say 'hi' but it was nice to see a familiar face.

When they lit the HUMONGOUS christmas tree there were even fireworks! I had never seen fireworks before but they were AMAZING! After I saw all the fun decorations and lights I asked Meredith if we could put up our own decorations. As it turns out, it looks like I'm more of a toy making elf....

Make Way for Charlie!

Today Meredith and I stopped by the famous 'Make Way for Ducklings' statues on our walk to the office. I was wondering why there were duck statues in the middle of the park and she explained that they were inspired by a very poplar children's book based in Boston called Make Way for Ducklings  by Robert McCloskey.

I didn't see any real ducks while I was there. Meredith said they probably already flew south for the winter. I wonder if Santa knows where their winter homes are?! Oh wait... it's Santa. Of course he does. 

A fun fact about the book is the author is from the same town Meredith grew up in all the way in Hamilton, Ohio! I haven't been to Ohio yet but it seems like some pretty cool people come from there. <|:)

Bring your Elf to Work Day!

Today Meredith said I could go to work with her... Okay maybe I snuck into her purse without her noticing but anyways today is now 'Bring your Elf to work day'. We've had a very exciting morning already of emailing, phone calls and meeting with a client! Meredith said the 'early bird gets the worm'. I'm not sure why humans would want worms but it looks like we may be getting some today!