Bring your elf to work day

Charlie Goes on a Showing..

Today I got to go on an actual appointment with Meredith! I typically have to stay in the car as I can be a little mischievous sometimes. I promised her I would be on my best behavior and she said we could go ice skating if i was good!!!


The apartment Meredith was showing was HUGE! There were hardwood floors which are perfect for sliding in socks on.. one of my favorite things to do. It also had a a walk in closet that could fit lots and lots of presents! I can't imagine what else people would look for in a place to live. If I could pay in hugs I would rent it myself! Looks like we have to run to the next appointment! Talk to everyone soon! <|:)

Want more details on the apartment we showed today? View in the link HERE!


Bring your Elf to Work Day!

Today Meredith said I could go to work with her... Okay maybe I snuck into her purse without her noticing but anyways today is now 'Bring your Elf to work day'. We've had a very exciting morning already of emailing, phone calls and meeting with a client! Meredith said the 'early bird gets the worm'. I'm not sure why humans would want worms but it looks like we may be getting some today!