5 Ways to Meet People When Moving to Boston That Are Actually Fun

Moving to a new city can be tough. Each year, thousands of people move to the Boston area for work, school, or just "because." As someone who moved here after college without knowing many people, I know firsthand the struggle of meeting new people. During my time here, however, I have found some creative yet fun ways to meet people in the Boston area - no matter your age or interests!

1. Join a Sports League

Boston is home to MANY great sports leagues all around town and this is an amazing way to meet people while staying in shape. I personally am a volleyball player and I could play every night if I wanted to (and had time!). A great place to start is Social Boston Sports but there are also individual leagues based on your interests. 

2. Connect with a Volunteer Organization

This one may not SOUND fun but, trust me, it can be! Many organizations around Boston have fun events and happy hours and are a great way to meet people - while doing a little good at the same time. I attend events with Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston throughout the year but there are many based on what you want to support!

3. Tap Into Your Alumni Network

Many colleges have local chapters in Boston and they host events throughout the year. (Especially if sports are involved!) I went to the University of Cincinnati and meet up for basketball games. The great part about these groups is you have an instant connection and conversation - just strike up a conversation about college gossip or how bad that one professor was!

4. Dating Apps

Yep, you read right. Dating apps can be a great way to strike up a conversation - especially if you may not be that extroverted! Be honest and direct about what you are looking for so you don't go down a tricky path but be open to finding people to grab a coffee or wine with. Who knows what will happen?

5. UberPool

OK, you may laugh but I know many people who made a friend sharing a car service! If you have not used the service, think about it when you have a little extra time or want to save a few bucks. You are connected with a driver and potentially another passenger going a similar destination. Strike up a conversation and, again, who knows?

What are your favorite ways to meet people in a new city? Zap me a message!