Monday is the New Friday


As I browse my Facebook newsfeed Monday morning, I see the plethora of statuses referring negatively that it’s Monday again. For one, Monday is very consistent as it always comes after Sunday so I find it somewhat humorous that people constantly state that it’s Monday. Secondly, I think it’s time to give Monday a new wrap or at least time for us to get a new perspective.

As a real estate agent, it is a bit easier for me to take on a different perspective than one who works the typical  9 to 5 Monday through Friday. For most, Monday marks the beginning of another work week and their countdown to the weekend. Real estate agents (well successful ones) have to work around your schedule in order to make transactions happen.  Meaning the bulk of our work hours take place during lunch time, in the evenings, and on weekends.

Having worked a 9-5 desk job prior to jumping into my real estate career, I understand the dread of getting out of bed Monday morning. Laying there feeling as if the alarm clock goes off hours earlier than the rest of the week (even though it’s set for the same time each day). And I must admit, it was my career change which forced me to change my perspective.

My evenings and weekends are now appointment filled but does mean I no longer enjoy them? Absolutely not! I now choose to wake up and say ‘today is going to be great’ regardless of what day of the week it is. It’s refreshing to no longer have this ‘I can’t wait until the week is over’ mentality. When you think about it, isn’t it a bit silly to let what day of the week it dictate your attitude for that day?

My challenge to you is to wake up Monday morning (and every other day) and embrace it with high spirits that typically don’t hit until Friday. If we start to view Monday just like any other day of the week, I think people will overall be happier. As far as I know, Monday is going to continue coming every week and since we can’t change that why not  try changing your perspective. 

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