Which Neighborhoods are Pet-Friendliest?

As many pet owners in Boston know, having a furry friend makes the already difficult feat of finding an apartment even more strenuous. Reason being (for those considering adoption may want to consider) many landlords feel that common household pets are more wear and tear on their property.

Since this is an investment for your landlord he/she wants to keep the property in the best condition as possible. This is why some of you may have gone through what you felt was more intense than taking the LSAT just to rent a place for a year.

Recently HotPads published an article reviewing the ‘pet-friendliness’ of neighborhoods in Boston, Cambridge and surrounding areas. According to them they believe "This could be because the units there are more expensive already so the landlords are more lenient and want people in the buildings right away so they don't charge more for a pet, or the buildings that are pet friendly are older and thus priced lower on the market, etc.

According to their research the pet friendly neighborhood was Fort Point and Seaport with a median rent price of $3,599. The least pet friendly neighborhoods were Downtown, Financial District, Waterfront and North End with a median rent price of $2,800.

Image courtesy of HubSpot.

At the end of the day it is up to the building regulations and owner as to whether or not they will allow pets, how many, etc. It seems that the newer construction buildings are having pet friendlier options as many renters and buyers find this appealing. However it seems having a pet still comes at a price as many of the new residential buildings going up are on the higher end of the rental and sale prices in their neighborhoods. As if having a dog walker, dog chow, and the bundles of toys didn’t cost enough. But really isn’t your pet worth it even if it  does mean eating peanut butter and jelly? :)