Luxury Living at Millennium Place

Midtown’s newest Luxury building, Millennium Place, is now opening its doors for high end tenants looking for a contemporary, grandeur apartment and luxurious style of living.

So what makes Millennium Place worth its pricey rent rates? Well it truly has almost all the amenities one could possibly ask for. Not only does Millennium Place have the typical luxuries the other high rises in the city have including 24 hour concierge service, high-end finishes, etc. Some of the amenities which set it apart is the Sportsclub LA designed fitness room, a bar and lounge area reserved for tenants and their guests only, a screening room (with weekly movie nights) , a private garden, a children’s room and an exclusive wine tasting/dining room.



However what truly separates Millennium Place from other Metro Boston high rises is its La Vie social program. La Vie is an exclusive social program which brings residents together to talk about and enjoy life experiences consisting of art, food, travel, fitness, and culture. This program allows those  with common interests to come together and share everything they love about Boston. It is also a great way to learn about new and exciting things Boston has to offer with those who share in the same interests and are just a knock away.

With all the stunning finishes, amenities, and La Vie experience this makes Millennium Place truly the best of the best for modern luxury living the Metro Boston area.

However the Millenium does have a downfall (for some of us) as it isn’t pet friendly. But don’t worry, there are other options such as the Kensington or 28 Exeter (just to name a couple) for those of you with furry friends.

If you’re interested in checking out or have any questions about Millennium Place or any other Metro Boston luxury high rises contact Meredith Kiep today!