What are my responsibilities as a seller?

Sellers often want to know what exactly is their role in the process in selling their home. Where your listing agent should be taking care of the marketing, showings, open houses, etc. There are some responsibilities the seller themselves should take on.

First of all the seller should be maintaining the property and its appearance. This includes making sure the inside is always picked up and the yard (if there is one) isn’t overgrown and looks well kempt. After all first impressions are the most important especially when it comes to selling your house!

It is also important for the seller to be reachable by their agent. This could be to set up showings, to ask you questions about the property, or possibly an offer! Thus important for the seller to be responsive as possible.

Some other ways for the seller can contribute to the sale is to make it easy for your agent to show (within reason), secure your pets, and to limit conversation with potential buyers/agents especially concerning price and your motivation to sell. People always have their ears open to try and find out as much as they can about the seller in order to negotiate on their behalf.